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Thank you for joining us.

We're setting out to build a community, a task that cannot be done alone. Your contribution to this space is valued. Every time you join the Studio, record your working hours on the Log, post an announcement on the Pillar or a comment on the Stream, you're adding to the synergy. Thank you.

Here are a few things you’ll need to know as a member of The 24-Hour Room.

  • Gmail

Foremost, you need to login to the Gmail account you signed up with.

Only after signing into Gmail will you be able to access The 24-Hour Room.

If you are receiving a 404-error code, this is the issue.

  • Signing up doesn't provide instant access, yet.

The 24-Hour Room runs on Google Sites. Before you can access The 24-Hour Room after you submit the membership form, you still need to join our Google Group. Completing the form will show you the link or search for it on Google Groups under

  • Member website

The url is our public landing page. To access the Member site and all the features of the Room from there, just click the Member button on any page on the public site. (You may be prompted to log in to Google.) You might want to bookmark the member page for future use.

  • Zoom login

You'll need to be logged in to Zoom to access the Lounge and Studio. If you get a message saying the room is restricted, log in to Zoom. This way, we can make sure strangers can't join our spaces. The accountability created by having Members log in before entering the Studio or Lounge allows us to leave these spaces open 24/7, largely unmonitored. You're always able to change your screen name or turn off your camera for privacy if you want. Please report abuse of the Studio or the Lounge to the Library Inquisitor.

If you're having any further issues, please feel free to contact the Library Inquisitor at

Again, thank you for coming to share this space.

—Library Inquisitor (24-H Room, Upper Hexagons)